Reverse Ionizer™ provides a better way to operate cooling towers in buildings by mitigating bacteria, viruses, and scale buildup.

Problem: Global Disease Spread by Cooling Towers

Legionnaires' Disease is a form of atypical pneumonia that hospitalizes tens of thousands of people worldwide each year. So far there is no vaccine available. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Legionella DNA is ubiquitous in U.S. cooling towers with 84% of them testing positive for Legionella bacteria. Legionnaires' Disease cases are on the rise in the United States, nearly quadrupling between 2000 - 2015. Legionnaires' Disease cases are also steadily increasing in the European Union, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Solution: Reverse Ionizer’s Plasma Disinfection System™

Reverse Ionizer's patented Plasma Disinfection System™ (PDS) solution is designed for use in existing and new evaporative cooling towers, continuously killing bacteria, parasites and destroying viruses (including COVID-19) by combining non-thermal plasma discharges with other traditional treatment mechanisms.

The PDS utilizes proprietary software to monitor and store system parameters and send system alerts, resulting in a more responsive and efficient cooling tower system.

To learn more about the PDS, watch the video below.

Problem: Cooling Tower Maintenance and Cost Inefficiencies

Using only chemicals to treat bio-contaminants in a cooling tower has been shown to reduce its operating efficiency and may reduce its life expectancy. In addition, most cooling tower chemical treatments in the U.S. are managed through fixed-cost third-party contracts, which results in uneven, often unreliable maintenance.

Solution: Reverse Ionizer’s Electro-Magnetic (ExB) Probe

RI's Electro-Magnetic (ExB) Solution uses radio frequency to constantly soften scale build up in cooling towers while decreasing the use of harmful chemical additives.


Reverse Ionizer, LLC (RI) has developed patented revolutionary water treatment technology that it plans to license to strategic manufacturing and sales partners later this year, which will provide building and facility owners more reliable, cost-effective and less risky methods of water treatment, compared to what has been available at any time.

RI has now successfully completed laboratory testing of its Plasma Disinfection System (PDS) technology, that has demonstrated to effectively mitigate pathogens (Legionella and other bacteria, viruses and parasites) in cooling tower simulations.

A field pilot program is currently underway at its Virginia laboratory, which will advance to a live field trial this fall at a Fortune 200 company's world headquarters campus. Initial test results are indicating the PDS has reduced live legionella bacteria below 10 colony forming units (CFU) per milliliter (ml) of water (the regulatory target of many states).

Concurrently, RI is now seeking manufacturing and service partner relationships with an objective of market introduction in early 2021.

RI’s breakthrough PDS technology combines two proven water treatment methods with advanced non-thermal plasma designed to provide a ‘continuous kill’ or control of the growth of pathogens in water systems, which can be inhaled through the evaporative aerosol drift of most cooling towers. Early testing has already shown that if a virus is waterborne, RI's PDS has the potential to destroy any virus, including COVID-19.

RI also has undertaken significant research to develop a disruptive radio frequency-based electromagnetic (ExB) technology that reverses the polarity of scaling ions in cooling towers and mitigates scale and corrosion, which can significantly reduce the life of cooling towers thereby reducing their efficiencies in energy and water usage.

RI's proprietary technology can be used in many commercial or industrial applications, and will initially be targeted for deployment in United States and then internationally, with desalination being among the first application for RI's ExB probe.


Reverse Ionizer, LLC was founded by experienced entrepreneurs and is managed by individuals with previous experience in starting up, managing, and selling businesses. In addition, the Company has reinforced its financial, marketing, technical and operating capabilities with the enlistment of highly experienced board members and advisors.

Patrick Hughes, Chief Executive Officer & President, has led the Company since he co-founded Reverse Ionizer. Previously, Pat created the original software engine for the multibillion-dollar online fantasy sports industry and sold the business to News Corporation. His software games and books are part of the Pro Football & Major League Baseball Hall of Fame collections. Previously to that, he owned and sold his equipment brokerage business to a Fortune 500 company. Pat has prior award-winning sales experience with Pitney Bowes and twice with IBM and is a named inventor on more than 30 U.S. patents. Pat is also the co-founder of the Give Life Foundation, which raises awareness for blood, tissue and organ donation.

Christopher Burch, Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President, is a co-founder who had previously held executive-level management positions in several private and public firms in which he has helped raise funds, expand operations and executed exit strategies for the equity holders. A one-time federal bank regulator, Chris has also previously led a leveraged buyout of a large mid-Atlantic medical services company.

Desmond Fraser, Chief Technology Officer, leads the R&D effort for Reverse Ionizer. An electrical engineer with 33 years of design experience in electromagnetics and plasma engineering, Desmond founded Rhein Tech Laboratories, Inc., an electromagnetic engineering and systems hardware design company, more than 30 years ago. Desmond and his Rhein Tech engineers have made significant contributions to the development of RI's patented technology.

Key Advisors

Dr. Kenneth Moritsugu, Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine, is retired rear admiral for the U.S. Public Health Service and former acting Surgeon General of the United States.

Tod Nestor, President/CFO of Energy Focus, Inc. (NASDAQ: EFOI), a leader in sustainable and human-centric lighting technologies.

Loraine Huchler, founder and president of MarTech Systems consulting, a firm that assesses and manages risk in water-related utility systems to optimize the water and energy circuits in influent, steam, cooling, and waste-water systems in manufacturing and commercial facilities.

Aimée Christensen, Founder & Board Chair of the Sun Valley Institute, a Center for Resilience; CEO of Christensen Global Strategies; created the Carbon Neutrality and Climate Strategies while at Google; sustainability and resilience expert.

Jonathan Loveland, recently was Global Practice Leader - Alternative Water Supply at Black & Veatch Engineering. Before that Jon was VP - Technical Services at Poseidon Water, which built The Claude “Bud” Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant, the largest, most technologically advanced and energy-efficient seawater desalination plant in North America in Carlsbad, CA.

Glenn Benoist, co-founded and headed global real estate at Digital Realty Trust (NYSE: DLR)

Stephen Day, has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, capitalization and strategic planning and founded Day Capital Partners, LLC to guide firms through early stage, growth and exits.

Michael J. Cohen, 36 years with American International Group (AIG) as head of Government and Public Affairs, President of National Accounts, Chief Marketing Officer and created AIG PAC, producing over a dozen board members. Mike now leads AIG's premier major accounts and commercial insurance market.

Ron Serabian, was general manager/owner of Thornton Service, a leading provider of commercial HVAC service solutions to organizations in the Washington metropolitan area since 1987, and was the Director of the Allied Products Division of Carrier Corporation for 10 years. Ron is a graduate of the Stanford Business School.

Dale Corirossi, co-founder and President of Potomac Capital Group, an advisory firm that specializes in mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance, and strategic planning since 1994. Dale is a graduate of the Harvard Business School.


Reverse Ionizer has developed two breakthrough technologies/products that it plans to introduce into the marketplace, with the PDS targeted for early 2021, to be followed by the ExB probe system.

Reverse Ionizer™ Plasma Disinfection System™ (PDS) provides continuous reduction and management of Legionella and bacterial growth in a circulating water system to levels <10 CFU/ml, while also controlling and managing the bacteria population on a continuous basis aimed at achieving a healthy, safe and balanced environment in full-scale water systems (such as cooling towers) to minimize the risk of contaminated water droplets being released into the air in and around public spaces.

Reverse Ionizer™ electromagnetic (ExB) probe system addresses the scaling problem in cooling and other liquid-based systems, reducing the need for toxic chemicals and making scaling softer for easy removal. The ExB probe system operates its high-frequency electric and magnetic field signal 40,000 times faster than low-frequency-pulsed signals found in competitors' “one size fits all” magnetic coil wrap systems.

RI has initiated discussions with potential technology licensees for the manufacture, distribution, installation, maintenance, and service of the PDS and ExB probe system.

RI's dual-cell Plasma Disinfection System (PDS) pilot units (shown above) have been installed and set up for pilot field testing in October 2020 in a Fortune 200 HQ's physical plant.


Reverse Ionizer™ has undertaken years of research and development for its two core products.

Plasma Disinfection System™ (PDS)

Reverse Ionizer's Plasma Disinfection System™ solution is designed for use in existing and new evaporative cooling towers, denaturing bacteria, parasites and viruses by using non-thermal plasma discharges alongside other killing mechanisms to address biological and organic contaminants, including:

  • - High Electric Field
  • - Heat from Plasma Streamers
  • - Shockwave, Ultraviolet Light
  • - Disolved Ozone
  • - Hydrogen Peroxide
  • - Biocidal metal ions (silver, copper)

The plasma discharges (specifically, dielectric barrier discharges) ignite plasma by applying a high voltage between two electrodes, where at least one electrode is insulated by a dielectric. Fine plasma filaments form between the electrodes that have a very short lifetime due to the accumulation of charge carriers on the dielectric surface, which generates an opposing field to the externally applied voltage.

Reverse Ionizer's Plasma Disinfection System™ provides the inactivation of pathogens/viruses/parasites exceeding EPA Clean Drinking Water Standards as follows:

Pathogens, including Legionella Log 6 reduction (99.9999% reduction)
Viruses Log 4 reduction (99.99% reduction)
Parasites Log 3 reduction (99.9% reduction)

These disinfection methods used by the PDS are expected to lower chemical usage in cooling towers, resulting in an increase in cooler tower life expectancy, as well as generate savings in chemical, personnel, handling, storage, and liability costs.

The PDS utilizes proprietary software to monitor and store system parameters, including pH, conductivity, power, frequency, temperature (cell, transformer, enclosure, water), input water pressure, and flow rate.

The PDS also sends system alerts, including indications of the following: leaks, high temperature, high pressure, power outage, limited and/or no flow.

Reverse Ionizer™ Electro-Magnetic (ExB) Solution

RI's Electro-Magnetic (ExB) Solution uses radio frequency to soften scale in cooling towers - aimed at decreasing the use of harmful chemical additives. The ExB Probe System is comprised of 1) a treatment chamber (probe), and 2) a broadband electromagnetic generator (BEG).

The ExB Probe System uses orthogonal electromagnetic fields to alter the crystalline structure of scale inherent to cooling towers. Instead of calcium carbonate scale in the form of cement-like calcite, the treated solution deposits calcium carbonate in the form of soft-scale aragonite and unstable vaterite. In other words, the ExB Probe System exploits chemical reactions using high-frequency electromagnetic force to make calcium carbonate scale more manageable and easily filtered in a side stream.


As a patent-based technology company, Reverse Ionizer™ has been building a dominant patent position for the treatment of water using applied electromagnetic and advanced non-thermal plasma technologies.

RI's growing patent portfolio currently includes eleven issued U.S. patents and five pending patent applications which cover dual-field electromagnetic water treatment devices for applying electromagnetic fields to liquids, using a water-immersible probe configured to generate electromagnetic output fields effective to remove scale, prevent the growth of scale and/or eliminate microbes in a water supply system. Two applications cover resource savings, such as water, energy, power, amount of de-scaling chemicals, device lifetimes, data analytics and system depreciation as well as our recent plasma-based technology.

These patents(issued and pending) cover a broad range of innovations such as:

  • the use of plasma and electromagnetic fields to eliminate bacteria in water,
  • the control of electromagnetic fields to reliably and predictably reduce the formation of scale and other harmful contaminants in water over a wide range of changing water conditions and conductivities,
  • the ability to treat water as it continually flows through large water supply and distribution networks, such as those used in data centers, desalination plants, and oil/gas production facilities,
  • the remote monitoring of real-time water conditions to allow maintenance and service personnel to use just-in-time, “water-treatment-as-a-service” protocols,
  • the first-ever use of non-thermal plasma aimed at 99.9999% (Log 6) biological denaturing, 99.99% (Log 4) virus removal, and 99.9% (Log 3) parasite removal, and
  • the removal of deadly radionuclides from water.

RI continues to focus on broadening the scope of its patent protection in the fields of non-thermal plasma technology, remote monitoring, and water-treatment-as-a-service technologies.

News and Articles

August 4, 2020

Virginia Congressmen Denver Riggleman and Emerald Organic Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: EMOR) CEO Ian Parker Visit RI and RTL's laboratories.

Emerald Organic Products (Carie Health) CEO Ian Parker, RI CEO Patrick Hughes, Virginia Rep. Denver Riggleman, Rhein Tech Labs (RTL) President Desmond Fraser, RI consultant Martha Boneta, RTL head mechanical engineer David Davis, RI CFO Christopher Burch


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